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Interpol has increasingly played a significant role in combating transnational crime and upholding global security. As a consequence, the demand for Interpol lawyers has grown exponentially in recent years.

We have significant expertise in dealing with INTERPOL Red Notices, leading clients through the process of contesting them and dealing with the consequences.

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Interpol lawyers

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As Interpol Lawyers, our team has provided representation to clients hailing from every corner of the globe. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise, we are dedicated to assisting you in removing your name from INTERPOL’s databases.


Interpol Lawyers & International Criminal Police Organization?​

Interpol Lawyers Dmytro Konovalenko

Interpol, or the International Criminal Police Organization, is an international organization that fosters inter-country police collaboration. Its headquarters are located in Lyon, France.

Interpol now has 195 member nations. It was created in 1923, and its first president was Dutchman Eugène de Klerk.

Interpol’s mission is to promote public safety and combat international crime. Its tasks include coordinating international police operations to apprehend fugitives, combating illicit drug and weapon trafficking, and investigating terrorist activity.

To carry out its mission, it has numerous sorts of law enforcement cooperation agreements with its members.

The “Interpol National Central Bureau Agreement” is one of the most essential accords. This agreement specifies each Interpol member country’s responsibility regarding Interpol’s activities.

Other laws include:

  • The Interpol’s Constitution: The Interpol’s constitution is the governing document of Interpol. It was last amended in 2010.
  • The Interpol Regulations: These regulations govern the day-to-day operations of Interpol.
  • The Interpol’s Rules of Procedure: These rules govern how Interpol’s General Assembly, Executive Committee, and Commission for the Control of Interpol Files (CCF) operate.
  • The Interpol Operational Guidelines: These guidelines guide members in carrying out Interpol’s work.

The organization also has several specialized units which carry out specific tasks:

  • The Fugitive Investigative Support Unit helps members track down fugitives.
  • The Financial Crimes Unit investigates money laundering and other financial transgressions.
  • The Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Technologies unit combat the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and other illicit goods.
  • The Terrorism Prevention Unit works to prevent terrorist activity.

In today’s globalized environment, Interpol’s mission is critical. It contributes to global security by improving police collaboration and combating transnational crime.

Search Your Name

NOTE:  The majority of red notices are not on the public database. Be careful. The notices are sent to 194 countries. Contact our Interpol lawyers for a free consultation by sending an email to [email protected] and see how you can seek removal of the notice.

INTERPOL keeps a (1) public and (2) private (law enforcement only) list of Red Notices.

Interpol Lawyers: Personalized Approach and Global Experience

Interpol Lawyers WorldWide

Interpol Lawyers is a dedicated and specialized law firm with a team of experienced attorneys focused on assisting clients with issues related to INTERPOL notices. Our legal professionals have a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding the various types of INTERPOL notices and their implications on individuals’ lives. We are committed to providing exceptional legal representation, ensuring our client’s rights and interests are protected in the face of challenging INTERPOL-related cases.

Our team at Interpol Lawyers is not only knowledgeable about INTERPOL’s regulations and procedures but also stays up-to-date with the latest developments in international law and human rights. This enables us to provide well-rounded legal advice and representation tailored to each client’s unique situation. We take pride in offering personalized attention and maintaining open lines of communication with our clients, ensuring they are well informed throughout the process.

With a successful track record of handling complex INTERPOL cases, Interpol Lawyers has become a trusted name for individuals seeking assistance with Red Notices, Blue Notices, Green Notices, and other INTERPOL-related issues. Our attorneys have experience in working with various jurisdictions, which allows us to provide comprehensive legal support to clients from all corners of the world.

At Interpol Lawyers, we understand the significant impact an INTERPOL notice can have on a person’s life, including their freedom, reputation, and career. That’s why we are dedicated to providing aggressive and strategic legal representation to help our clients navigate the often challenging and convoluted world of INTERPOL procedures. With Interpol Lawyers by your side, you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands.

You Are Not Alone

Beyond Red Notices

The team at Interpol Lawyers is well-versed in handling all types of Interpol notices, ensuring you receive the necessary assistance for each situation.

Challenges faced in Interpol cases:

  1. A Red Notice can make traveling and opening bank accounts difficult.
  2. A Green Notice may hinder an individual’s entry into a country.
  3. Yellow Notices are occasionally issued incorrectly.
  4. Blue Notices can lead to the subject being monitored and tracked.

Green Notices

When a person is recognized as being wanted for prosecution or conviction in the requesting nation, a warrant is issued.

Yellow Notices

When a person goes missing and their whereabouts are unknown, a warrant is issued.

Blue Notices

Individuals who may have knowledge about a crime or a criminal suspect that may assist law enforcement in locating and contacting the individual.


Diffusions, like Red Notices, can be delivered to one or a few countries rather than all of INTERPOL's member countries.

Preemptive Requests

When our clients are afraid that they may be placed on Red Notice, we begin constructing their cases and contact INTERPOL before an arrest order is issued.

Immigration Co-Counsel

We collaborate closely with our clients' immigration attorneys to guarantee that the INTERPOL notification is understood by the courts.

Expert Legal Opinions

We give thorough information to foreign courts about US-based legal matters as well as INTERPOL cases, procedures, and guidelines.

Global Personal Data Checks & Corrections

We help our clients keep their information straight by correcting erroneous data collected by companies.

Interpol Red Notice Lawyers

Interpol Red Notice Lawyers

A Red Notice is a worldwide alert issued at the request of a national government by the Worldwide Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). When an INTERPOL Red Notice is issued, all 195 member nations are expected to cooperate in identifying and temporarily detaining the individual specified in the Red Notice.

An INTERPOL Red Notice, on the other hand, does not serve as an internationally enforceable arrest warrant. Instead, it informs law enforcement personnel that a person is sought by a requesting country, allowing for their arrest and deportation for prosecution if they travel internationally.

INTERPOL’s responsibility is limited to distributing the Red Notice at the request of a member nation. It has no authority to compel any member countries to arrest anyone identified in Red Notices. The decision to arrest a Red Notice person is completely up to the law enforcement and government officials of each member country.

The requesting countries must provide evidence that the subject is wanted for criminal prosecution or to serve a sentence for each Red Notice issued. The request must also follow INTERPOL’s extradition procedures and guidelines, which are intended to defend human rights. Failure to follow these standards results in an incorrectly issued notification.

If you are facing extradition proceedings or have been arrested as a result of an INTERPOL Notice, you must get expert legal counsel promptly. Extradition to another nation as a result of notice can have serious consequences, demanding the services of attorneys who are well-versed in the nuances of INTERPOL’s Red Notices, violations, INTERPOL legislation, and human rights.

Interpol Red Notices Removal


At Interpol Lawyers, our team possesses extensive expertise in the removal of Red Notices. Once INTERPOL issues a Red Notice, it appears on their website and becomes visible to member countries. If authorities in a member country detain you, they can see the Red Notice against you, which may lead to your arrest.

Our legal team can assist you in removing the Red Notice from the website. Interpol Lawyers will work to uncover the reason for the notice issued in your name and seek clarification on the case, striving for complete removal from the database. This process involves making a request to INTERPOL and can take some time. However, once the Red Notice is removed, it will no longer appear on the website, and member countries will no longer have access to it.

We Plan Accordingly

Handling Fugitive Extradition

A Red Notice is issued when a country wants help from INTERPOL’s other member countries in apprehending and extraditing a person who has allegedly committed a crime in that country.

If someone is detained due to a Red Notice, that person may be extradited to the country seeking prosecution. If you wish to remove a Red Notice, you should start that process as soon as possible before a Red Notice is used as grounds for detention.


Preemptive Requests

Early in the case, we develop and share a strategy with our clients, so that when INTERPOL contacts them, they’re fully prepared to cooperate.


Building Your Case

We have a great deal of experience building INTERPOL cases.


Achieving Your Goals

We are dedicated to helping you and your family through this difficult time. We’re with you every step of the way.

Interpol Lawyer Dmytro Konovalenko
Dmytro Konovalenko
Senior Partner
Lawyer specializing in extradition and Interpol cases, with membership in the International Bar Association. In five years of practice, Dmitry has defended clients against persecution by law enforcement agencies in the United States, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. He has successfully applied measures to prevent a manhunt at early stages and specializes in defending in complex cases involving economic, political and military charges.


Interpol Lawyers: FAQ

What services do Interpol lawyers provide?
Interpol lawyers assist clients facing Interpol-related issues, such as Red Notices, diffusions, and extradition requests. They provide legal advice, help clients understand their rights, and develop strategies for resolving Interpol matters.
Can an Interpol lawyer help me remove a Red Notice?
An Interpol lawyer can assess the validity of a Red Notice, guide you through the process of challenging it, and work towards its removal if it is found to be incorrect or unsubstantiated. However, the outcome depends on the specific circumstances and evidence involved in each case.
How can I find a qualified Interpol lawyer?
To find a qualified Interpol lawyer, you can search for legal professionals with expertise in international criminal law and experience handling Interpol-related cases. Seek recommendations from trusted sources, read reviews, and verify credentials before making a decision.
How much does it cost to hire an Interpol lawyer?
The cost of hiring an Interpol lawyer can vary depending on factors such as their experience, the complexity of your case, and your location. It is advisable to discuss fees and payment arrangements with potential lawyers during the initial consultation.
Can an Interpol lawyer represent me in multiple countries?
While an Interpol lawyer may have expertise in international law, they are typically licensed to practice law in specific jurisdictions. In cases that span multiple countries, your lawyer may collaborate with other legal professionals to provide comprehensive representation across different legal systems.
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