Interpol Clearance

The term ‘INTERPOL Clearance’ is often used but is misleading. INTERPOL, the International Criminal Police Organization, facilitates police cooperation among its 194 member countries but does not offer a service called ‘INTERPOL Clearance.’ This clarificat Read more »


INTERPOL, short for the International Criminal Police Organization, is an intergovernmental organization with 195 member countries. It facilitates collaboration among law enforcement agencies worldwide, enhancing global security. INTERPOL enables police to share data and informat Read more »

How much do Interpol agents earn?

Remuneration at INTERPOL varies based on duty station, with job grades specified in vacancy announcements. Allowances are determined by factors like nationality, contract type, family status, and previous residence, including expatriation, transport, and shift allowances. Before Read more »

What crimes does Interpol deal with?

INTERPOL, the International Criminal Police Organization, provides technical and operational support to law enforcement agencies in member countries, such as INTERPOL solicitors in London. However, INTERPOL cannot arrest criminals within member countries without national authorit Read more »

Does INTERPOL Text People?

INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization with 192 member countries, facilitates global law enforcement coordination and criminal justice. As an international agency, INTERPOL does not directly contact individuals; it collaborates with local law enforc Read more »

How to get political asylum?

Political asylum is offered to individuals facing or at risk of persecution in their home country due to political or religious beliefs, or for actions not considered offenses elsewhere. It allows them to enter and stay in another country. This overview covers the legal framework Read more »

Difference between INTERPOL and FBI

The FBI, a U.S. law enforcement agency, operates domestically, while Interpol, headquartered in Lyon, France, facilitates global police cooperation. The key distinction lies in the FBI’s focus on U.S. operations and Interpol’s international scope. Both agencies aim to Read more »

Interpol Most Wanted List: Top 10 Fugitives

Have you ever wondered about the world’s most elusive “criminals” (we respect presumption of innocence), those who have managed to slip through the grasp of local law enforcement and continue to live in the shadows? These individuals, sought after for serious transn Read more »

What is an INTERPOL Red Notice?

A Red Notice represents a global request for law enforcement to find and temporarily detain an individual until extradition, surrender, or comparable legal proceedings can occur. It’s important to note that a Red Notice does not function as an international arrest warrant. Read more »

How to Remove Name from INTERPOL database?

A formal application for removal is submitted to INTERPOL’s Commission for Control of Files. This complex and potentially lengthy procedure entails evaluating the Red Notice against the standards specified in Article 83 of INTERPOL’s regulations. How can I make a Requ Read more »

International Arrest Warrant

Key Elements of International Arrest Warrants Legal Basis: Established through international laws, treaties, and agreements. Criteria for Issuance: Severity of the crime, sufficient evidence, and adherence to legal protocols. Target Country: The nation where the suspect is believ Read more »

Can You Fly if You Have a Warrant?

Having an open arrest warrant can make everyday activities seem intimidating, including air travel. Questions like, “Is it possible to board a plane with an existing warrant?” or “Will you be arrested at the airport?” are valid worries. This guide offers a Read more »
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