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Collegium of International Lawyers is a multidisciplinary full-service legal company in Cyprus. As a result, we provide personalized legal solutions from a single source to both individual and commercial clients globally.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, we’re your trusted legal partner. We mix legal tradition with modern workplaces. Excellent service ensures top-notch legal guidance.

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We are able to produce successful solutions even in the most complicated legal crossings due to our knowledge of the law from several jurisdictions. We regard ourselves as modern service providers: with our open and solution-oriented approach, we provide the best possible outcome for our clients from Cyprus and beyond.

We deal with a wide range of matters, including drug offenses, DWI offenses, violent crimes, felonies, and benefits fraud. Dealing with an arrest, regardless of the offense, is a terrifying process since it can have major ramifications for one’s future. Our firm is committed to fighting the allegations you face by utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience in criminal law to develop a strong defense.

Choosing the correct Interpol lawyers may be the most critical choice you ever make if you have been arrested or are under investigation for a crime. With years of expertise, our company has built a core strength in criminal defense. When you require assistance, it is our mission to assist you in navigating the complexity of the legal system. We take pleasure in employing a caseload-limited strategy, which allows us to provide each client with thoughtful representation and the full preparation their case deserves. We understand that the legal procedure may be time-consuming, and we are prepared to defend our clients every step of the way.

Get to Know Our Team

Dmytro Konovalenko

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-law, admitted to the Bar (Certificate to practice Law #001156)
Lawyer, member of the International Bar Association. Dmitriy specializes in extradition and Interpol matters. He has over 5 years' of experience in defending internationally wanted persons in the USA, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and other countries. In addition, the lawyer has considerable experience in blocking international searches at the initial stages.

Anatoly Yarovyi

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-law, admitted to the Bar (Certificate to practice Law #701 as of 28.12.2009)
A graduate of Stanford University with a Master's degree in Law. A specialist in international law, he represents clients before various international courts (in particular, the European Court of Human Rights) and international organizations (Interpol and various arbitration procedures). In more than 19 years of legal experience, Anatoly has succeeded in a significant number of multi-jurisdictional cases.
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